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We are a company that has had a main objective that has kept us growing in the state of California and Mexico. Where our main objective are our employees who are a fundamental part to provide day to day the best service to our customers and friends.

Production and Shipping

Smark Company is a company that constantly grows, that is why we have the most qualified personnel to provide the best service.
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Constant Growth

We are an industry in full growth, taking great advantage of our competitors thanks to our great staff and the trust that our customers.
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Technology and Development

The main key to our growth, is to have the best technology and processes, to give our customers the confidence of being with the best.
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We have more than 4,500 products, to meet all the needs of our customers, to know more about our products please review our products section.
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Why Smark Company?

Smark Company is a leading global chemical and ingredient distributor, and value-added service provider. We safely deliver chemistry (products, expertise, and relationships) that helps our customers improve the quality of life through:

Clean drinking water

We provides chemistry to the water treatment industry such as disinfectants to remove bacteria.

Products that improve our homes and environment

We helps you start your day fresh and clean, ingredients also help brighten your laundry.

Delivery on time and where you are

We provide an excellent delivery service, we provide our customers with the security of delivery time.

Personal attention

For us the most important are our customers and the staff that works with us, that's why we provide a personalized and quality service.

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